J. Sintoni – A Better Man – CD Review

17 04 2012

J. Sintoni - A Better Man

After his first cd „The Red Suit“ from 2007 the Italian guitarist, singer and songwriter presents his new cd „A Better Man“.

The cd contains 10 fresh, stylistically varied songs written by the musician himself.

J. Sintoni is one of the young Italian guitar players who could enrich the whole European Blues scene, if he only gets the attention he deserves.

His companions in the studio were Andrea Taravelli on the bass und Carmine Bloisi on the drums.

The title track was recorded in a classic trio line-up already showing J. Sintoni’s deep respects to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Later on we find the „Song For Stevie & Jimi“ dedicated to these immortal heroes.

To make it short: This CD is well done, the author has taken great care for both the music and the lyrics as well. It was produced according to the principle of „Keep it simple“. So all the songs stay authentic throughout.

„Consequences“ for example is a fine ballad, and though we find several guitar overdubs, the song never feels overloaded.

All the guitar tracks are amazingly transparent and get you immediate goose bumps.

„Love Should Never Lose“ is a laid back blues number and „Two Feet“ is a perfect shuffle.

J. Sintoni’s CD„A Better Man“ is a modern, authentic album filled with hand- made music and you can „hear“ the labour and the sweat it took to make it real. It is a kind of rough diamond, which more and more reveals its brilliance with every further turn in the cd player.

Songwriting, instrumentation, arrangements and interpretations are convincing through and through.

The cd comes along in a elaborately designed  digipak.

By this stunning album J. Sintoni might finally gain attention also north of the Alps. Hopefully we can see him perform live here in the near future