Commentaire de llamafarm I guess i was one of the lucky few that had gotten this mount, i had taken a different route to do my dailies and what do ya know, i see the TLPD creeping up on me, solo’d him as holy, bubbled while a DK tried to kill me and killed the drake while bubbled, im sure he was angry: I’ll check each hour if the cache has it, or if I can find it myself. I used the information from Chronalis’ post at the end of page 1 and it was very helpful. Prochain assaut à Zuldazar. This topic is now closed to further replies.

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The reason I would suggest this is because it’s 2 and a half weeks after launch and my server still hasn’t seen one yet. Hes got about 18k health points, and is a total pushover, I think the fight lasted maybe 10 seconds at the most. Inutile donc de continuer votre traque si vous venez de tuer Vyragosa! I have been looking for him for 2 days now. I’m spamming 2 pegdu regrowth myself, but it turned out I had moved the target macros in place of my heals. Plusieures techniques sont possibles pour traquer la bête mais le vol stationaire est le plus pratique car on le laisse venir à nous plutôt que l’inverse.

Exactly 6hrs 10min from last kill. Doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in Storm Peaks, you’ll always drakw able to see him: Trajets Le proto-drake perdu dans le temps peut effectuer 4 parcours différents, il est donc quasi impossible de parcourir toutes les trajectoires, sans le rater, car vous ne serez pas seul à le chercher.


He was right north of Frosthold, high above the harpies http: I’m patrolling there every hour, but no sign of him. A reason that we have not seen it on some realms is that it probably hasn’t spawned at all yet. Commentaire de Maha I wonder addom many times ppl will ask such stupid question.

I never killed Vyragos, but a friend told me he saw her corpse at the engine of makers on January 20th, Monday.

World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

Didn’t see her spawn, but I found her on the Frosthold route, circling the mountain, counter-clockwise. Commentaire de Orgonin My friend is spawn camping it right now. Aperçu complet de la Saison 2 de Battle for Tempps Mot de passe oublié? Spotted flying high above the frozen lake in Bore’s Breath heading South to Valkyrion.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps – Millenium

However if the dragon was still alive when it was supposed to spawn again, it would not. Just an idea though.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. J’ai commencé à le farmer il y a seulement deux semaines, posté à la croisée du souffle de Bor, Valkyrion et la Passe de Rohemdale.

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addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Et continuez ainsi jusqu’à obtenir votre précieux! Sign In Sign Up. Et là il pop sur ma gueule. I have tried to put the information into an image that some of you might find interesting Flew straight line from Dalaran to Brunnhildar Village and found him right in between somewhere, don’t have coords.

You can also get Xloot Master, Group and Monitor which are plugins. Commentaire de unigolyn Vyragosa is a she. And I know the 6 hour spawn interval is still up for debate but we’re talking about an approximate 18 hour interval between spawn times; and there is plenty of evidence elsewhere suggesting a 6 hour interval.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

He couldn’t confirm what day or anything so I would say check every Tuesday after server reset. Everything seems to work fine but it won’t let me link it to a chat or click on the link at all. C’était vraiment un coup de chance quand je vois que certains ont mis des mois Je vous souhaite à tous un bon farm et bon courage le-guide-de-cyto-proto-drake-perdu-dans-le-temps.

De toutes les montures proto-drakesle proto-drake perdu dans le temps est probablement le plus mythique d’entre elles. As i’ve mentioned before: Posted February 8, Commentaire de ossir hmm