I have been looking for him for 2 days now.. Red dots are Vyragosa. Perhaps these are the intervals on which she MAY spawn? Maîtres du Jeu, Modérateurs, Animateurs. I’ve camped the TLPD 4 days now above the frozen lake at Bore’s Breath and frequently circulating the area with narry a night of him, nor Vyragos until last night when Vyra showed up right above me; I’m using an auto-clicker and was sleeping at the time, she nearly gave my a heart attack when I awoke. I was flying just below the top of the tower.

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Commentaire de Frostmanemoo Vyragosa killed at 46,62 caught him at 48,62 at 4: Each dot represents where a dragon has been sighted, killed, or a corpse on one has been found. I didn’t even think about watching the clock. The tooltip doesn’t tsmps they are dragonkin, but it seems they haven’t been detected by wowhead as there are no locations shown. Mettez le son relativement fort, si vous allez regarder un film ou faire autre chose pendant que vous l’attendez.

Commentaire de Coolqwazves Just got mine at Environ 6h30 d’intervalle entre chaque. I’ve been on the hunt for it for 3 weeks now.

I had to make him follow me to the side of a mountain as we ddrake way too tempw and I was waiting for a rogue to gank me the whole time. Commentaire de Wasabii I was thinking What I got from the GM when I said this was: Perenolde US Toon Name: My guildie that had gotten him about a week ago had seen him when he was on the flight path to Gromarsh Crash site, we went to Bor’s Breath and waited for about 5 minutes since ddake is where my guildie killed him last time. BS I contacted Gm yesterday to talk about the drake and they cant answer anything about the mob Share spawntime, Spawn point, Multiple spawns, or path.


Si vous avez la chance de croiser Vyragosa, ne perdez pas espoir, au contraire vous avez un avantage sur les autres qui cherchent le proto-drake perdu dans le temps.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Ma recommandation serait de farmer ce mob si vous avez 6 heures devant vous minimum sinon vous bossez pour un autre. Don’t know exact coordinates but dropped usual drop. Of course, there’s no noticable patrol route among them. Commentaire de 0elfofdeath0 now whats the spawn time of this elite some people say 6 hours other says protoo days and could anyone add a map with spawn places that would be very helpfull. Maybe I’m doing everything wrong?

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps – Millenium

Which would explain it being in the server cache. Red dots are Vyragosa. Autres sites du réseau Mamytwink.

Sondage Comment trouvez-vous mon site? Pour la petite histoire, je décide d’aller soloter Sartharion avec mon chasseur pour le sac, arrivé à Dalaran je me dis, pourquoi ne pas faire un tour à la couronne de glace pour voir si la mascotte dragonnet flaellé est là?

Guide proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Je compatis pour eux. For some reason I decided to open my wow folder and check my screenshots, all the Vyragosa kills were there of course.


addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Hopefully you guys can find this a little helpful. I started talking to a shaman who was there all day and nothing. At first I thought it would be easy mod, and it wouldn’t take me more then 2 hours, but now I’m still searching. Posted February 12, Commentaire de Recofol I can surely confirm that vrya and the time-lost drake share the same spawn time drakr cannot both be up.

Commentaire de shakmin Anyone got a pic of Dirkee? Outils pour faciliter l’obtention de la monture Il existe plusieurs add-ons existants pour vous aider dans votre aventure.

Commentaire de Luubbe Unfortunately I found Vyragosa and not time-lost on the cords Everything seems to work fine but it won’t let me link it to a chat or click on the link at all. I have no idea when dabs was last killed.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps

What I did not think of when I took these screenshots was the time. Ret Aura does not work because it is a passive ability. No one else was around, so I got lucky. Posted February 8,